Our approach has never been one size fits all. Much as there are similarities within an industry, we also understand there are unique issues or opportunities and priorities within each organization. Hence, our first approach is always to listen to our clients. We try to have a strategic understanding of the issues that management wishes to put their resources in.


Although we have created solutions around a number of verticals, our platform is open and flexible enough to be provisioned and customized depending on the clients needs and priorities. We are also cognizant that certain organizations will require training and that no matter how good the technical solution is, if the people do not embrace and support it, it won't be utilized properly. Thus, we ensure that we also implement according to the capabilities of the organization to absorb and adopt to the new systems. Implementing in stages also allows the client to see small wins that they can embrace and take to the next level over time.

Pay as you go

For Fortune 500 companies, big IT budgets are the norm. However, our focus is on institutions whose focus is less on technology but on their core business. They may be big in their own regard, but their use of technology is best outsourced to minimize capital investment and risk. Thus, Pitaca’s business model is to offer the software as a service, usually called SaaS. This approach has allowed our clients to reduce capital risk for purchasing hardware and software which may change over time. This also reduces their time to implement given our existing platform with which we build on.